Redux is more than your average dryer.

Redux is an ultra-efficient evaporation system that leaves hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal.

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Dries in minutes.

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Removes all moisture.

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Measures real-time humidity.

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Reports amount removed.

Moisture in hearing aids: not as rare as you think.


Removing "a little water" can make a big difference.


Only Redux can remove all moisture in under

8min (1)

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How does Redux remove all moisture?

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  1. First, Redux pulls a vacuum on the device to reduce the evaporation point of water.
  2. Liquid turns to gas and is pulled out of the device.
  3. A valve is opened to introduce fresh dry air into the chamber that pushes the vapors outside the system across a humidity sensor.
  4. The process repeats until the humidity sensor confirms all moisture is removed.
  5. The process stops and the amount of moisture removed is displayed on the screen.

Better for your patients. Better for your practice.

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Get Redux.

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Our patients typically report that everything sounds crisper and clearer following a cycle through Redux.

Dr. Christa Smith


It would be nearly impossible for me to function inside of my clinic without Redux at this point.

Dr. Cliff Olson

Applied Hearing Solutions

Redux is certainly a must for private practices or any clinic that dispense and service hearing aids.

Dr. Ram Nileshwar

The Hearing Center of Lake Charles


Redux has been proven safe for drying electronic devices. We’ve been drying rechargeable lithium-ion battery phones in thousands of locations for over five years. Additionally, our hearing care partners have successfully dried thousands of hearing aids, implants, and hearables (e.g. AirPods that took a spin in the washing machine). By creating a vacuum, our dryers lower the evaporation point of water, so everything is done below normal body temperature.

Redux pricing is based on four factors:

  • Number of locations
  • Length of agreements
  • Timing of commitment
  • Payment terms

The system can accommodate a single office or can be scaled up to thousands of locations. Please fill out the form here to discuss partnership opportunities specific to your office(s).

Redux is currently available as a drying service provided by hearing care professionals (HCPs). HCPs can offer Redux as a value-added service to patients to improve the short and long-term function of their hearing aids while reducing maintenance costs.

If you’re interested in trying out Redux at your practice, fill out this form to get more details and to sign up for a free 30-day risk-free trial.

If you are a patient looking to use Redux, visit our locations page here to find a dryer near you. You can also share our website, www.redux.com with your HCP so they can look into bringing Redux into their practice.

Moisture continues to be the most common reason for hearing instrument malfunction. While hearing instruments have seen improvement in their water resistance, they are not waterproof. The performance of these devices is still often negatively impacted by the constant presence of water in our world. Left untreated, these factors can begin impacting hearing quality in just weeks and eventually lead to costly returns.

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