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Moisture presence is inevitable in your hearing devices. However, moisture is proven to impact the device’s sound quality, your ability to understand words, and is the #1 reason hearing devices need repair.

Redux Home Dryer is your complete moisture removal system that allows you to be proactive about hearing device maintenance and performance at home. Redux is backed by science and over 70 patents, plus it is trusted by thousands of hearing care professionals worldwide. Redux Home brings professional-grade drying to your home so you can keep your hearing devices sounding their best.

The drying process takes two hours, on average, and we recommend drying once a week. No subscription needed. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Try Redux Home Dryer risk-free for 30 days! Email for more information on our 30-day trial.

  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Cochlear Processors
  • Baha Processors
  • Earbuds
  • Small Fitness Devices

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff S.
Takes too long, does not dry like professional Redux

I have access to the professional Redux through our clinic. I was impressed with the performance there, as the machine regularly removed up to 1.6 microliter fluid from my hearing aids in a few minutes. I was hoping the same kind of performance from the home version, but that machine seems to take upward of an hour to complete a cycle. If you use it multiple times during a weekend (because of significant sweating, due to various activities), one might as well just not wear them at all. Out of curiosity I used the machine on a Sunday afternoon, and then the professional Redux the next morning, and it still removed 1.1 microliter! Home Redux is too expensive for the lack of performance.

Steve Ellis
Money well spent

The Redux home hearing aid dryer is a bit more expensive than most home units but I’d have to say it is performing well and is easy to use. The Redux dryer is worth the price

Ryan Bjorum
Works Great! Amazing Customer Service

Our Redux Home dryer works great! This is the same brand dryer that our audiologist has in her office.
We have tried all different types of home hearing aid dryers for our active 8 year old and this is hands down the best we’ve ever had.

It takes about 2 to complete the drying cycle, so we use it overnight, it gets all of the moisture out!

Highly recommend!

Amazing customer service!

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