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Moisture presence is inevitable in your hearing devices. However, moisture is proven to impact the device’s sound quality, your ability to understand words, and is the #1 reason hearing devices need repair.

Redux Home Dryer is your complete moisture removal system that allows you to be proactive about hearing device maintenance and performance at home. Redux is backed by science and over 70 patents, plus it is trusted by thousands of hearing care professionals worldwide. Redux Home brings professional-grade drying to your home so you can keep your hearing devices sounding their best.

The drying process takes two hours, on average, and we recommend drying once a week. No subscription needed. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Cochlear Processors
  • Baha Processors
  • Earbuds
  • Small Fitness Devices

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**Redux Home ships within 7 days of order received**

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Judith Wilshire

Redux Home Dryer

David Mockus

The dryer performs very well for my rechargeable and battery hearing aids. Have not had it for the summer months when I really sweat especially when doing work outside in the heat.

Ralph Corcoran
Dry time

Takes entirely too long to dry hearing aids. The average time is around 4 hours using 3x per week. I need charging time and drying time and I cannot afford to not use my hearing aids for such extended periods. Not happy and would love to return it!

Larry Nelson
Taller Top?

I really like this dryer, I would like to have a taller cap as an option. I use this to dry two Oticon Exceed UP aids and full size ear molds. The standard cap seems to contact the aid and ear mold on top, but I can’t really see if it does. Could they make a clear top so we could see our aids?
I alternate between the Redux and an old dryer with UV and desiccant cartridges as I have two years of desiccant to use up. Together they keep my aids in top top shape.

Tony B
Redux Home

Received my unit about a month ago, I have 5 month old Phonak Lumity Lifes but but no idea if it does what it’s supposed to do to as there is simply no way of knowing until my hearing aids are older. I guess one just has to trust the reputation of Redux. One thing that is a pain is having to leave the unit on for another 2 hours afterwards for a recycle of the unit to complete.