Redux Pro


Redux Pro dries hearing aids completely, in minutes, with a touch screen to start, stop and view reporting. No necessary outside equipment. Redux operates at body temperature safe for rechargeable batteries.

Customer Reviews

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David Hauger
Review from David Hauger on Redux pro

I got a home unit, but with my behind the ear aids this Unit is definitely a professional model with the cost of hearing aids. I would suggest investing in one.

Adam Wentling
Can't live with out it

I got tired of lugging my first Redux between my two offices, so I finally purchased my second one.

Jack Adams
Fabulous Product

The instrument works extremely well for all types of hearing aids and it has prevented necessity for repair in several instances. It is also a definite "value added" service to provide our patients. The best part is that you can do firmware upgrades to the hearing aids while it is in the Redux unit.

Eddie Ledford
We love our Redux!

Redux is an asset to our hearing aid center! Smart, sleek, and easy to use! 10/10. Definitely recommend adding Redux to your practice.

Can't live without

I don't know what we did before we had Redux. It is so helpful for troubleshooting issues, especially in the summer in the humidity. And most patients report improved sound quality after using Redux. I love the readout so we can counsel patients on the need for a dryer. I highly recommend the Redux!