Redux Home: Discover an Exciting Solution for Hearing Device Users

Mark Campbell-Foster
Discover the groundbreaking solution from Redux for hearing aid  and hearing device users - the Redux Home. It works wonders in removing moisture, enhancing your hearing aid's performance. Check out our informative video and see how we contribute to making your life simpler!

Audiology Services Testimonial

James Shrake
See how and why Blaise Delfino, CEO of Audiology Services, uses Redux every day to improve patient care and save valuable practice time.

Consider Water-Proof Hearing Aids

James Shrake

  Hearing aids of today really are amazing pieces of technology. They help us hear the world around us wherever we may be, they favor speech over background noise, and they connect with the devices...

Why Is Moisture So Bad for Electronics Anyway?

James Shrake

  We’ve all seen it happen: A phone gets dropped into a puddle, or a radio is accidentally left out in the rain. Maybe you’ve gotten so accustomed to your hearing aids or Airpods that...