Redux offers an innovative solution to moisture that appeals to audiologists, hearing healthcare professionals, and their patients. For ages, those who deal regularly with hearing aids have known just how much of an issue moisture can be. Hearing aids live in the relatively inhospitable environments of a patient’s ears, where earwax, perspiration and environmental moisture eventually take their toll on the sensitive electronics inside. With Redux, audiologists and hearing care professionals (HCPs) can finally offer their patients an easy and effective solution to the problem of moisture. 98% of hearing aids currently in use have moisture in them. Along with earwax, moisture is the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction. According to Redux’s field research, 73% of offices spend over an hour per day manually cleaning and drying hearing aids, and 25% of offices spend over three hours. Moisture is responsible for over 60% of out-of-warranty hearing aid repairing, costing patients upwards of $250 per repair. The Redux machine saves HCPs’ time, saves patients’ money, and still nets a 5:1 ROI for the clinics that lease it. When you place a patients’ hearing aids in the Redux machine and close the door, a set of rubber straps hold the aids in place. Press the start button, and the machine pulls a vacuum inside the chamber. A pad provides a safe, even 97°F of heat to speed up the drying process, and in 12 ½ minutes, you can expect 100% of moisture to be removed, within 1/10th of a uL. A meter displays the amount of moisture being removed in real-time, so you can verify that the process has worked. Based on thousands of dries, Redux’s partners report moisture removed from 98% of hearing aids, with 77% improving functionality—even in hearing aids that were thought by the patient to be working properly! In 50% of cases where a hearing aid was non-functional, the Redux process alone brought it back to life. Redux is useful both as a critical tool to remove moisture from potentially catastrophically damaged hearing aids, and as a regular maintenance tool. A patient who has, say, accidentally worn their hearing aids into the shower or swimming pool can benefit from the process. A patient who perspires more than average can benefit from bi-weekly treatment. All patients can see an improvement in the functionality and lifespan of their hearing aids with periodic use of the Redux machine. In addition to the benefit, patients will see directly in the integrity of their hearing aids, regular Redux use brings patients back into your office. This helps deepen your relationship with them and offers an excellent opportunity to ask them how their hearing aids are working for them. Patients who return regularly for Redux treatment are more likely to get a hearing test at regular intervals and get better hearing healthcare than those who are not in regular conversation with you. The Redux machine is offered to audiologists and HCP offices via monthly rental. Redux manages the hardware, software and firmware, guaranteeing the functionality of the machine for the entire rental period. We recommend that practices have a plan ready to offer Redux subscriptions to patients, as well as a small fee for one-time drying services. There will be immediate opportunities to put the machine to use! Contact us today to talk to a sales rep about adding a Redux machine to your practice. Your patients will thank you, and so will your bottom line!