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Redux was founded by Reuben Zielinski and Joel Trusty in Indianapolis. Today, we are headquartered in Carmel, IN with a fantastic team of 11 full-time employees.

Contact Redux to talk with our Carmel-based sales team about our patented, revolutionary vacuum drying process. Redux has been used millions of times since 2013 to effectively remove 100% of moisture from wet cell phones, hearing instruments, cameras, tablets, music players and other electronic devices.

Audiology clinics and hearing healthcare centers use Redux machines on a daily basis to dry hearing aids prior to repair, and many of their clients bring in their hearing aids for routine, preventative Redux treatments. Almost 2.2 million people have prepaid subscriptions to Redux drying services to maintain their hearing aids and protect their devices in the event of water exposure. While Redux improves your repair services and saves you time, it is also a revenue-positive service, offering a proven ROI of 10:1.

When moisture removal is critical, trust Redux to remove 100% of moisture in under 8 minutes.

Our patented drying process helps individuals who have dropped electronics into water recover the the same day. Redux saves phones, tablets, and greatly extends the lifespan of hearing instruments.

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