Redux Home: Discover an Exciting Solution for Hearing Device Users

Mark Campbell-Foster
Discover the groundbreaking solution from Redux for hearing aid  and hearing device users - the Redux Home. It works wonders in removing moisture, enhancing your hearing aid's performance. Check out our informative video and see how we contribute to making your life simpler!

Robert M. Traynor's Review of Redux

James Shrake
Robert M. Traynor literally wrote the book on strategic audiology practice management.  He is a board certified audiologist with 46 years of experience while also teaching and training clinicians within the field of audiology.  Traynor is widely respected as a hearing industry consultant, trainer, professor and conference speaker. Robert Traynor's Review of Redux includes everything from his first impressions to his final conclusions.

Partner Testimony by Dr. Ram Nileshwar

James Shrake
Dr Nileshwar has been putting his patients’ hearing health first throughout his 40 of practicing audiology.  As the president of The Hearing Center of Lake Charles, the immediate past president of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and member of the Phonak Inner Circle Field Advisory team, his opinion is very well respected within the hearing care community. By practicing in the bayou, he’s well aware of the immediate and long-term impact that moisture can have on hearing aids.  He’s also well aware of the limitations that existing hot air boxes and desiccants have when attempting to remove moisture.  After using the Redux system to improve aids from multiple manufacturers in various condition (including dead aids), he offered to share his testimony of Redux.  Take a look to understand why Dr Nileshwar considers Redux to be “revolutionary” and “certainly a must for private practices or any clinics that dispense and service hearing aids."

Redux Review By Dr. Cliff Olson

James Shrake
In 2017, Dr. Cliff Olson opened Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona. Around the same time, he started his YouTube channel – Doctor Cliff, AuD – to educate consumers on their hearing loss treatment options and the importance of Hearing Aid Best Practices. In less than 2 years, Dr. Cliff Olson has become one of the most sought out audiologists in the Phoenix area and is widely regarded as one of the most well-known audiologists in the world thanks to the hundreds of consumer-focused educational videos that he has produced.

Redux Dryer Receives 2020 Edison Award for Innovation

James Shrake
INDIANAPOLIS – The Edison Awards announced today that the Redux drying system is the recipient of the Silver 2020 Edison Award in the category of Innovative Services and Healthcare Platforms. The Redux drying system is the first on the market that can quickly and completely remove moisture from hearing aids and hearing instruments, greatly impacting the lives of those who use them.