Say Hello to the Future of Home Hearing Care

We understand the challenges faced with maintaining hearing aids and how important they are to our daily lives. That's why we're proud to introduce the Redux Home Hearing Instrument Dryer. This game-changing device brings our renowned expertise in moisture removal technology right into your home for a convenient, reliable solution you can trust.

Experience Unrivaled Moisture Elimination

With the Redux Home Hearing Instrument Dryer, you can expect:

  • Rapid moisture elimination in just 2 hours time. 

  • Built-in humidity sensors for precision in moisture removal

  • Temperature-safe drying for both rechargeable and disposable hearing aid batteries

Our cutting-edge dryer can improve functionality in 80% of operational hearing aids and even revive 50% of non-operational ones!

Integration with Industry Manufacturers

We're not stopping there! We're working with hearing instrument manufacturers to offer complete "charge and dry" integration capabilities for even better user experience. This collaboration will lead to increased patient satisfaction, reduced repair costs, and ensure optimal device reliability for you.

Ready to Bring Redux Home?

Orders are now open and shipping starts on August 2023. Visit our user-friendly, revamped website at to place your order and get started with this life-changing home solution. If you're a hearing care professional or a manufacturer interested in wholesale opportunities, please reach out to

For more in-depth information about the Redux Home Hearing Instrument Dryer, you can view the full press release here.

Join us in embracing the future of hearing device care and experience the difference Redux Home Hearing Instrument Dryer can make in your life.

Written by Mark Campbell-Foster

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