Hearing aids have been around since the 17th century, and electronic hearing aids have been common since the early 1900s, though in recent decades the technology has taken off like never before. Improvements in battery technology, computing power, and software capability have allowed hearing aids to become extraordinarily more useful than ever before. Yet the maintenance practices for hearing aids—and their expected lifespan—are much the same as they’ve always been. Until now!

Redux Is Proven Effective

As Redux machines find their way to more and more locations, the numbers continue to impress. Over the course of thousands of uses, Redux was able to restore a non-functioning hearing aid in about 50% of cases. 83% of the time, a hearing aid that wasn’t working as well as it should was improved, and in 80% of cases, even a hearing aid that was thought to be functioning properly was improved. Moisture is the #1 cause of hearing aid failure and malfunction, and Redux is the fastest and most thorough way to remove 100% of moisture from the device. In most cases, this will improve the function of the sensitive microphones and speakers inside hearing aids.

Hearing healthcare providers who partner with Redux are able to provide this periodic maintenance service to their clients. The Redux process is shown to remove 100% of moisture in only 15 minutes, which has long-lasting implications for the lifetime of the device. Since hearing aids must spend most of their time inside our ear canals or behind our ears, they are prone to damage from earwax and sweat. This damage may occur slowly over time. By periodically subjecting the hearing aids to the Redux drying process, they can function better and last longer. How often the process should be employed will depend on an individual patient’s needs.

Redux Increases Patient Visits

In addition to keeping patients’ hearing aids functioning better for longer, periodic use of the Redux process also brings patients into the office, where they can be consulted about how their hearing aids are working for them. This provides an opportunity for fitment adjustments, routine check-ins on the state of the hearing aids, or more frequent hearing tests. Seeing our patients more often translates to better care!


Redux’s Thorough Vacuum Heating Process

The Redux process involves creating a vacuum around the electronic device, then heating it perfectly evenly to a level that is safe for all electronics and plastics. The Redux machine monitors the moisture level throughout the process and will indicate just how much moisture was removed from the device by the end. Some of the benefits of the process include:
  • Safe, even heating
  • Silicone straps secure device during treatment
  • Vacuum process to lower the evaporation point of water and evacuate moisture
  • Hygrometer measurement of moisture removal throughout the process
  • Measurement of total moisture removed at the end
  • Possible restoration of “dead” hearing aids
  • Improvement of functioning hearing aids
  • An important part of regular maintenance to extend the useful life of the hearing aid

Not Just For Hearing Aids

In addition to being a valuable aspect of regular hearing aid maintenance, the process can help myriad other electronic devices, as well. AirPods and other high-quality models of earbuds can benefit from Redux, whether they’ve been subjected to potentially damaging excess moisture or submerging, or as part of regular maintenance. Smartphones, tablets, and other similarly-sized devices that have been exposed to water can be recovered using Redux.

Electronics, including hearing assistive technologies as well as smartphones and other devices, have increasingly become a part of our daily lives over the course of several generations. It’s safe to say they’re not going away anytime soon! As we integrate more devices into our lives, it becomes harder as we use them throughout the day to avoid situations where they might be exposed to moisture. Unfortunately, moisture is the enemy of sensitive electronics! Redux has created a modern solution to the problems of both accidental moisture exposure and the need for periodic moisture removal.

While the benefits of the technology are far-reaching, we find that hearing healthcare providers are some of the best outlets to make the most routine use of Redux. The majority of patients at a hearing healthcare provider will see benefits from regular use of the Redux process, as it allows for the periodic complete drying of a set of hearing aids. While the process is an excellent way to remove moisture from various types of electronic devices after an accident, hearing aid wearers should be using the process as a matter of routine, and hearing healthcare providers are uniquely suited to make the most regular use of the machine.

Written by James Shrake

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