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Don't plug it in!

This can permanently damage your device.

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Don't put it in rice!

Not a scientifically-proven drying method.

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Bring it in to Redux.

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Dry your device that same day.

Be on your way in about an hour.



Redux partners with wireless retailers to offer phone and tablet drying services in under an hour.


In labs where no devices were plugged in, the success rate is 83.9 percent.

Upon a successful recovery, the device should maintain its existing life expectancy.

The cost of purchasing a replacement device is expensive, or if the customer has insurance, they are charged a minimum deductible of $150. A Redux recovery attempt is only $10. A successful Redux recovery is $100 or less, saving customers many hundreds vs. the cost of a device replacement. Redux rewards customers who fully protect their device with a monthly insurance plan by reducing the successful recovery fees by about 50%. This keeps the Redux recovery costs for insurance customers at less than half their claim deductible.

A more proactive approach is available through a discounted membership program for $29.99. Each membership provides two dry attempts for up to 24 months at no additional cost and offers a money back guarantee on the membership recovery outcome.

Aside from the low-risk fee of $10 to attempt the recovery of the device, customers will only be charged an additional fee if their device is successfully returned to safe working conditions.

Aside from being less expensive than device replacement, Redux can recover precious memories and information stored as data on the device, i.e. your photos, videos, messages, and more. The process can also save customers time over an insurance claim, usually taking less than one hour to complete vs. one or more days to receive a replacement device.

A successful Redux recovery will avoid portable electronics from routing to a landfill. It is estimated that 40,000 phones per day (60,000 total tons of electrical waste) end up in landfills in the U.S. on an annual basis.

For best results, don’t continue using a device and never plug it in while wet.

  • Turn off the device immediately
  • If possible, remove the battery (some devices like iPhones do not have removable batteries)
  • Do not charge the device or put it in rice
  • Visit your local Redux location.

In our lab tests, we have removed substantial amounts of liquid from devices which have been sitting in rice for a period of four days.