How much time do you spend looking over your patients’ non-functioning hearing aids? Especially if water damage is likely to be the culprit, you can’t turn on the device to troubleshoot until you’re sure the hearing aid is safely dry. You know that moisture, along with earwax, is the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction, but did you know that 98% of hearing aids in use have moisture in them right now?

Redux Saves Your Practice Time

Even when a patient doesn’t suspect that the issue they’re having with their hearing aid is moisture-related, that often turns out to be the case. Our research indicates that 73% of audiology practices spend over an hour every day cleaning and drying hearing aids, and some spend in excess of three hours. Redux offers the opportunity to automatically remove 100% of moisture from a set of hearing aids in 12½ minutes. Think about the time that can save your office.

Redux Saves You - And Your Patients - Money

And what about patient costs? Repairs for out-of-warranty hearing aids run an average of $250 per repair, and over half of out-of-warranty repairs are moisture-related. As hearing aids reach their end of life, it seems that moisture is often the thing driving them to it. With regular Redux use, we see improvements in hearing aids more frequently than anyone expected, and reductions in the need for moisture-related repairs. The times you do need to inspect a pair of hearing aids for damage, you can run the Redux process first. This not only ensures they will be 100% dry for troubleshooting, but that accidental damage from manual drying will not occur.

Redux Saves Hearing Aids

Based on reports from our current hearing care partners, we’ve seen the following success rates over the last year:
  • Dead aid improved: 50%
  • Weak aid improved: 83%
  • Good aid improved: 80%
The success rates for cases in which patients bring their hearing aids in because they are working suboptimally are especially impressive. Repair and manual drying can both be avoided. This is also a great time to introduce your patient to the idea of a periodic Redux treatment, such as a $100 annual subscription for unlimited Redux use. The patient can return for regular Redux treatments with the idea that it will help ward off the need for repair and extend the life of the hearing aids.

The Redux Process

Much simpler than manual drying, Redux allows you to simply place the hearing aids into the machine while it does all the work of moisture removal.
  • The machine creates a vacuum inside its main chamber, lowering water’s evaporation point to room temperature.
  • A low level of heat is applied to speed up the evaporation process. The amount of heat is far below the degree that would harm any components.
  • An internal sensor measures humidity and gives real-time reports of the humidity level inside the chamber.
  • The process will automatically repeat until the measurable amount of humidity inside the chamber is 0%, down to 1/10th uL.
The Redux partnership enhances your practice by saving you time and guaranteeing 100% moisture removal. It easily pays for itself while bringing additional revenue (and even business) to your door. Spend less time manually drying hearing aids and more time ensuring that your patients are getting the care and preventative maintenance that can keep them hearing their best.