Share Your Story and Join Our Thanksgiving Contest!

Here at Redux, we cherish the real-life stories from our actual users. You invigorate us with your experiences, driving our innovation forward. We are eager to hear about your unique Redux journey!

Let the world know how Redux brought a transformation in your life. The best part? You might just become the proud owner of a Redux Home Dryer, all thanks to our Thanksgiving contest.

Contest Details:

Eligibility: Tell us your Redux story! As long as you use a hearing device and have experiences to share, you're in!

Prizes: Here's your chance to become a lucky Redux Home owner! Even if lady luck doesn't side with you, fret not - all participants will receive a $75 credit towards a Redux Home purchase. Everyone's a winner here!

Entry: Scroll down to submit your entry. Please ensure that your video adheres to the specified format.

Deadline: Mark your calendar - the last date to submit your entry is 11/22/2023. We will announce the lucky winners a week later. Good luck!

Creating your video is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Begin by introducing yourself (your name and state).
  2. Share your responses to these questions:
    • What hurdles did you encounter prior to using Redux?
    • How did Redux help you overcome these challenges? How did it affect you emotionally?
    • According to you, why is it crucial for someone with hearing loss to have Redux?
  3. End the video by completing this sentence, "Redux means [...]." Fill the blank with your personal sentiment about Redux.

Need inspiration? Here are some examples:

"Redux means Freedom"
"Redux means running in the rain again"
"Redux means hearing my grandchildren say I love you"

This is your unique story. Make it memorable!

To perfect your video, here are some tips:

  • Hold your phone horizontally - this ensures a perfect frame.
  • Look straight into the camera - let your eyes tell a part of your story.
  • Pick a spot near a window where the light is just right - but be careful to avoid standing with your back to the light.
  • Inhale, exhale and let your story naturally flow, with no rush.
  • Speak at a comfortable speed and articulate clearly for better understanding.
  • Do not exceed a duration of 1 minute for your video.

Ready to share your story? Submit your video below!

We cannot express how grateful we are to be a part of your life-changing journey with Redux, and we eagerly await to hear your story.

Thank you for choosing to share your story with us and the world. We wish you all the luck!

Warm Regards,
Redux Team


Redux is a drying service that fully and verifiably removes all moisture from electronics such as phones, tablets, hearing aids and more.


  • Phones and tablets



  • Had to use their Redux phone drying box after dropping my phone in a dish pan full of soapy water the night before. Extremely friendly and helpful employees there. And my phone works perfectly still. I would go back.
  • Outstanding customer service experience. Josh and Justin went above and beyond in helping to recover a phone with redux despite a series of obstacles caused by the phone not being properly registered at time of purchase. Extremely professional, courteous, and patient.
  • They have a redux machine that dries out your phone if it falls into water. Jayme and David were both great and were so happy when my phone was fixed. Great people, whether you are a Verizon customer or not. I trust them, I recommend them. Not a super convenient location but worth the trip!
  • Marian Moscicke (Bolingbrook, IL)
  • Brian Henderson (Horsham, PA)
  • Susan Hunter (Portland, ME)