Request a Refund

Redux provides a Limited Money Back Guarantee for customers who have a valid Membership on the cost of the Single Line Membership and Multi-Line Membership (before tax) in the event the mobile device is not successfully restored on the first dry attempt.

We’re sorry to hear that your Membership dry attempt was unsuccessful. We’re happy to refund the cost of your Membership, or you can keep your remaining membership benefits with a limited money back guarantee on your second dry attempt in the event it is unsuccessful.

Submitting for a refund of the amount paid for your Redux Membership, cancels the membership (for the line in which the refund is requested) and any remaining services thereunder. Payments sent by Redux through PayPal must be redeemed within thirty (30) days or the refund will be cancelled.

If you want to keep your membership and not request the refund, no action is necessary. Should you wish to continue with a refund request, simply fill out the form below. We will review and validate your request by reconciling your refund request information to our dry attempt data. Once validated, we will send you a refund payment link via PayPal via email or phone (text).

For more information on PayPal, visit

*Customers must hold a valid Redux Membership to receive a refund.  Redux will refund the original $9.99 or 29.99 (or portion thereof for a multi-line membership) paid for the membership (excluding tax), as associated with the phone number of the device unable to be recovered. For a member to receive a refund for an unsuccessful dry attempt, Customers must certify that their membership device got wet, it was functioning prior to the water damage, and that the attempt was truly unsuccessful; meaning, the device would not power on, does not take a charge, calls can’t be made or received, and/or the screen or core buttons do not function properly. Redux has the right to refuse any Customer refund request in the event the information provided by the Customer cannot be validated with the Revive dry attempt data.  All refunds will only be processed through PayPal.  A refusal to provide required information to PayPal will be deemed a waiver of the refund.  All claims must be made within thirty (30) days of the unsuccessful dry attempt.  Once a refund is requested and a payment link has been sent, customer must redeem the payment within thirty (30) days or the refund will be cancelled.Memberships sold prior to August 1st, 2017 are not eligible for the Limited Money Back Guaranty refund.