Anyone working in hearing care undoubtedly knows that moisture is the #1 enemy of hearing aids. You no doubt have some methods of encouraging patients to keep their hearing aids dry, as well as some tricks around the office. Still, we see that, on average, hearing care practices spend over an hour a day drying and cleaning hearing aids, and as many as 25% of practices spend more than three hours per day.


Some patients sweat more than others. Some may forget they’re wearing their hearing aids and hop into the shower or the swimming pool. Other patients may simply want the best way to make sure their investment will last as long as possible. Regular drying maintenance can keep hearing aids functioning well for significantly longer than the lower end of a typical hearing aid’s lifespan.

Until now, there has been no way to quickly remove moisture from hearing aids and other small electronic devices. Furthermore, there has been no way to measurably ensure that all moisture has been removed by the end of these time-consuming processes. If moisture remains in the circuitry of a small electrical device like a hearing aid, turning the device on can potentially destroy it.

Redux’s patented technology has changed all that. Now, by partnering with Redux to lease a machine, you can safely remove 100% of moisture (down to 1/10th of a uL) in as little as 12½ minutes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hearing aids are placed on the heating pad inside the device. When the lid is closed, silicone straps gently hold them in place throughout the process.
  2. Turn on the machine, and it creates a vacuum in its main chamber, bringing the evaporation point of water down to room temperature.
  3. The heating pad creates even, controlled heat to speed up the evaporation process. The temperature is about the same as the human body— far lower than would ever damage any electronics device.
  4. A humidity sensor built into the machine reports the amount of moisture being removed in real-time. At the end of the cycle, the machine provides a report of the total moisture removed. This lets you ensure that all moisture has been removed, and gives you the opportunity to show your patients how much moisture was in their hearing aids.
  5. The process repeats until the sensor measures complete dryness in the chamber, meaning that no more moisture is coming out of the device.

The results reported by our current partners are staggering. In 50% of cases, the process can get a dead hearing aid working again. A hearing aid that isn’t working so well is improved 83% of the time. Even a hearing aid that is functioning well is reportedly improved 80% of the time. With results like these in under 15 minutes, leasing a Redux machine for your practice seems like an easy choice to make.


Get in touch with us about leasing Redux and we can explain the ways that hearing care practices all over the country have successfully created paid drying plans that ultimately save their patients money, create more frequent opportunities to see their patients, and bring in more revenue both directly and by attracting more patients thanks to the ability to provide better ongoing care.