About 48 million Americans are today living with some type of hearing loss. In fact, the average hearing ability for someone age 70+ involves significant high-frequency hearing loss. While hearing loss may be a fact of getting older, hearing aids are an excellent way to amplify the sounds around us to keep us present, active and independent even as we experience hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Make Life Better

Countless studies have been conducted on the effects of hearing loss and the counter-effects of getting hearing aids. The results are crystal clear: Hearing aids are a marvel that allows us to stay more socially connected, happier, more independent, more physically fit, and more cognitively agile as we age. They even help prevent or postpone the onset of dementia.

Hearing aids require an adjustment period, but when asked after one year of wearing them, people are overwhelmingly satisfied with their hearing aids. About 95% of people say they’re glad they started wearing them. People who wear hearing aids report more frequent outdoor activity, greater life satisfaction, and even a greater sense of optimism about the world!

Hearing Aids are Susceptible to Moisture Damage

Hearing aids are truly one of the most amazing inventions of the last century. They have consistently driven the research and development into electronics miniaturization, and continue to become more and more powerful while also becoming smaller.

While the design of hearing aids is truly spectacular, they are still fairly susceptible to moisture damage. Unfortunately, all electronics are susceptible to moisture damage, but hearing aids have a special burden to bear amongst our devices. They are very small, and they live in the relatively inhospitable environments of our ears. This means they are somewhat more susceptible to short circuits due to the process of condensation and evaporation, over time, and they are exposed to more moisture than most other devices we use on a regular basis.

Especially in the summertime, when activity levels seem to ramp up and we spend more time with friends and family, the very mobility that hearing aids offer to us can also be tough on their electronics systems. Moving into and out of air-conditioned spaces means more frequent condensation activity, and getting outdoors more often when it’s warm outside means we’re more likely to sweat. If you’re a regular exerciser, you know how much more you sweat in the summer than at other times of the year. Even just being seated on a porch in July can lead us to break a sweat!

While hearing aids do so much to keep us connected to our loved ones and the activities we love, it’s important to remember that we need to take extra care to keep our hearing aids working properly when we ask so much of them on a daily basis.

Redux Fights Moisture in Hearing Aids

The Redux machine is a revolution in protecting sensitive electronic devices from moisture damage. Sometimes we have an acute incident, like dropping our smartphone into a mud puddle or accidentally wearing our hearing aids into the shower. Redux has been shown to be able to reanimate about 50% of devices that have sustained water damage of this kind.

But the results are even more impressive when we look at the Redux machine’s performance in preventative moisture removal. Especially with devices like hearing aids, where moisture is a more or less constant concern, bringing your hearing aids to your Redux-member hearing healthcare provider for regular treatment has been shown to keep hearing aids functioning better for longer. That means less frequent replacements of your hearing aids, less frequent repairs, and better performance!

The Redux machine applies a low amount of even heat using a heating element built into the base upon which the device sits. It then creates a vacuum to remove all airborne particulates. Moisture, and all the invisible particles it contains, are sucked out of the atmosphere and out of your hearing aids. The whole process takes only 15 minutes, and at the end, you have a perfectly dry set of hearing aids, just like when they were new!

The Redux process has been proven to improve functionality in 77% of hearing aids that it dries, even when the hearing aid is already functioning. It could be that your hearing aids are struggling due to the presence of moisture and you don’t even know it. Much like hearing loss itself, the effects of moisture on your hearing aids come on slowly, such that you might not even notice that they’re no longer working as well as they once did. The Redux process is an easy, effective way to keep your hearing aids working better and longer.

Written by James Shrake

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