About Us

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Warning: Do not plug in a wet phone. Do not put a wet phone in rice. Take out the battery, if possible. Find the closest Redux machine.

About Redux

Redux started when co-founder Joel Trusty approached his neighbor, Reuben Zielinski, with his wife’s waterlogged phone. She had accidently subjected the phone to a full cycle in the washing machine and was devastated that the phone was not only ruined, but all the data, contact information, photos and videos were lost.

With a background in manufacturing, Trusty had an idea for how to save his wife’s phone. He realized if he could remove all the atmospheric pressure from a chamber, he could turn liquid—even liquid inside a cell phone—into a gas at a much lower temperature than otherwise possible. And that gas would seep through the cracks and crevices of a phone’s plastic case.

Trusty took the phone to his workplace and set it in a large vacuum chamber used to remove gasses from polyurethane. He tried several methods, and after one of his trials, his wife’s phone turned on. Better yet, the data, photos and videos were perfectly intact.

After going through numerous trials and errors, Trusty wasn’t sure what he had done right to make the phone work. He needed someone who understood the science behind it; someone who could help replicate what he did.

That’s when Trusty called upon his friend and neighbor, Zielinski, an ex-IBM employee with a passion for invention. The duo tinkered until they came up with a device about the size of a 1970s video cassette recorder. Most importantly, Zielinski pinpointed the 16-step sequenced process Trusty had stumbled upon.

In Dec. 2011, Trusty and Zielinski convened to test what they had put together. They submerged an old Blackberry, calculator and iPod in water for a few minutes, and then put them through their 16-step process.

Together, they restored each device, and within one week created the first Redux model. Since then, we’ve recovered thousands of devices and more than 600,000 customers have entrusted their device and data with a Redux membership. Starting in August 2017, Redux will offer a membership money back guarantee if we cannot recover your device when a prepaid dry attempt is utilized.

About the Co-Founders

Zielinski spent 13 years with IBM, 16 years with various life sciences companies and has substantial start-up and sales experience. He holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, a master of science in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a master of business administration from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Trusty spent the past 12 years as president of Trusty-Cook, Inc., which invented and developed the original line of polyurethane Dead Blow Hammers that were eventually sold under the Matco Tools and Snap-On Tools brands. He holds a bachelor of arts from Indiana University with a specialization in entrepreneurial marketing and sales. Trusty has substantial start-up experience and has run several businesses during the past 25 years.