Make sure the dryer is connected to a “CUI Inc/CUI Japan” or “Redux” labeled power supply.

Check that the green LED light is showing on the power supply brick, which is found in the middle of the power cord.

Make sure the power supply and cord have a good connection and that the cord has a good connection in the back on the machine and wall outlet. Try plugging the machine directly into the wall socket, not a surge protector. To rule out a dead wall socket, try plugging into an additional wall socket.


To reset the dryer for the next 150 dry attempts, reconnect to Demo Wi-Fi and revive a device through the app. This will automatically reset the number of offline dry attempts to 150 again.


Make sure the phone has been removed from the phone case, and placed face down in the center of the chamber. Nothing should be touching the sides of the chamber, or the inside of the lid once closed (please note that some flip phones touching the inside of the lid are too thick for the Redux system).

If using a USB cable, make sure it does not go over the edge of the inside chamber. Even if the lid closes, the cable must be kept away from the edges of the chamber.

Locate the rubber gasket that goes around the chamber. It should be free of dust and particles. You may clean this with water and a paper towel if needed. Make sure it has enough time to fully dry. Confirm the rubber gasket is seated down and level around the chamber.

Once the above items have been checked, cleaned, and have had enough time to fully dry, restart the treatment.


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