Robert M. Traynor’s Review of Redux

Robert M. Traynor literally wrote the book on strategic audiology practice management.  He is a board certified audiologist with 46 years of experience while also teaching and training clinicians within the field of audiology.  Traynor is widely respected as a hearing industry consultant, trainer, professor and conference speaker. Robert Traynor’s Review of Redux includes everything from his first impressions to his final conclusions.

 He readily admits the he falsely assumed

“…that Redux was simply another home drying product.”

After seeing the Redux system in action and studying the outcomes, Traynor wrote the following article to share his professional opinion of Redux with peers in the industry.

“I see (Redux) as an innovative approach to improving the hearing health of patients and be a technological restart for the practice”, Traynor concluded about the service Redux provides.

Read Robert Traynor’s review of Redux here:

Redux: A Totally New Concept in Moisture Removal