Find one of more than 1500 partner locations across the United States so Redux can help you get your phone back.

Warning: Do not plug in a wet phone. Do not put a wet phone in rice. Take out the battery, if possible. Find the closest Redux machine.


Redux can recover nearly 90% of all wet devices when immediately powered down and not plugged in while wet. For a one-time (discounted) low price, Redux members can utilize two dry attempts at no cost when needed; we’ll even offer a money-back guarantee on your membership if we can’t recover your device and precious data.

Join over 1 Million customers who have entrusted their device and all its data with a Redux membership. Visit a Redux location to learn more about membership benefits and coverage…it could save you hundreds! Remember: if you get your device wet…DON’T PLUG IT IN!!

If you experienced an unsuccessful Membership recovery attempt, on a Membership backed by a Money Back Guarantee, click here to start the refund request process.

Memberships sold prior to August 1, 2017 are not eligible for the money back guarantee.