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Warning: Do not plug in a wet phone. Do not put a wet phone in rice. Take out the battery, if possible. Find the closest Redux machine.

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The machine will not damage your phone. Because we boil the water from the phone at a safe temperature (about 120 degrees Fahrenheit), you won’t encounter any melting or burning.

The process typically takes less than an hour.

Upon a successful revive, the device will maintain its existing life expectancy.


Just kidding.

Without getting too technical, we use a combination of heat and pressure to safely remove all liquid from the phone. Our process removes 100% of the liquid 100% of the time.

Phones, tablets, mp3 players, hearing aids, and other small portable electronics work in the Redux machine as long as they fit.

While Redux removes 100% of the water 100% of the time, sometimes other factors lead to a non-functional phone. In those cases, you will only be responsible for paying the $10 diagnostic fee.

We have successfully revived phones that have been in water, pickle juice, laundry detergent, pop, hard and soft water, pool water, hot tub water, lake and pond water, ocean water, beer, wine, toilet water (clean and dirty), tomato soup and more.

Redux was inspired when co-founder Joel Trusty’s wife subjected her cell phone to a full cycle in the washing machine back in 2011; she was devastated that not only was the phone ruined, but all the data, contact information, photos, and videos were lost. With a background in manufacturing, Trusty had an idea for how to save his wife’s phone and knew that his friend and tech-savvy neighbor, Reuben Zielinski, had the equipment to put his idea into practice. Together, they fixed the phone, and within one week created the first generation Redux machine.

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Only with special dealer arrangements through Redux. They are not available to the general public.

Follow these simple rules:

  1. Do not (ever!) plug it in
  2. Remove the battery, otherwise turn the phone off
  3. Do not put it in rice
  4. Find the nearest store with a Redux machine

You can’t fight fire with fire and you shouldn’t try to fight wet with wet. We’ll take care of any cleaning for you.

Murphy’s Law still has its way sometimes. Unfortunately, you can get just the right amount of water in just the right place and the phone can become damaged beyond repair instantaneously. Much of the time, though, the phone becomes damaged over time and not instantly. That’s why it is crucial to get to Redux ASAP after getting your phone wet.

We’ve revived the same phone 8 times before. If you do happen to get your phone wet again, all of the same rules apply.